Phishing attacks in the email

phishing in emails

First, what is phishing? The word phishing refers to the term fishing, as in “fishing for passwords”.

Phishing is by far the most common “hack” used to steal passwords. Once they have the password, they can take over accounts and enter systems without authorization. It is a social engineering attack, rather than a true hack in the technical sense.

Phishing can occur through any channel: via telephone, email, a web page, or even in person. In short, it is an attempt to trick you into revealing a secret (such as your password, pin or any other data).

Here are some tips you need to spot in the email.

These are industry standards I’ve learned while working in tech companies.

– Verify the sender, are you familiar with the sender email? If suspicious, delete it immediately.
– Wrong spelling or grammar. (Though attackers are becoming sophisticated )
– There is emotional motivator like fundraising for a sick relative
– There is urgency in action/response like comply by tomorrow else you will lost access to.. etc
– Suspicious domain name/link- such using url shortener like bitly, tinyurl, etc.
– Links in the body – don’t click the link immediately, instead, hover it and see which url it points to
– If you have gmail and similar client, some emails are initially scanned and landed to spam folder. Be careful when it go down there.

On Phone calls

Will include phone calls as well as this is very rampant.

General rule is, don’t provide password, pin and sensitive information to anybody on the call no matter how authentic / legit they sounds. Instead politely find a way to end the call and verify the facts by calling the hotline.  Credit companies or a bank companies have a hotline, call them right after.

Social media

Social media chats are not that secured, not advisable to send through your account numbers and similar information.

How important to be in first page in Google

first page in google

Google is where millions across the globe turns to for answers, big or small, simple or complicated queries. Results returned are rank in pages through search engines complex algorithms. Websites that are on the top of Google’s search results are usually people click first before traversing the next pages.

Being on first page of search engines

Top Position Gets More Traffic

Search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo reports that websites shown on first few pages gets more traffic than those in succeeding pages. When reaching 5th page, people tend to type another key word variants in the search box and see newer results relevant to their queries.

Business Authenticity

Top ranks in SERP (search engine results page) is not only about generating traffic and leads, it increases the degree to which your viewers sees your business as authentic. Study shows that web visitors think the first few websites at the top of the SERPs are amongst the more authentic businesses in that particular industry.

Authority in the field

Websites generally don’t make any traffic but blogs do. Most websites now is coupled with blogs. Great blog articles relevant to your business have an edge as it provides authenticity (as above) and authority in the sense that people goes to your site looking for a workable and effective solution to their inquiries. People quoting your articles in other media or forums is an example.

Reduced cost

When your site ranked on top page result, you don’t need to expense in any other mode of advertising. Social media platforms offer paid ads as well. Though being ranked on top page will eventually changed over time. Your top page article today may no longer be listed in first page few months after.

Many SEO providers plays important role to have your website ranked up in search engine results, but it really doesn’t guarantee. Aim for organic results!

How to make custom frames in Facebook

custom frames facebook

Maybe you have already seen some additional graphics or effects in the Facebook profile pictures, that’s what we call custom frames. You can share your custom frame to anybody on Facebook. It’s really easy and fun to create in Facebook studio in few easy steps.

Step 1. Goto Facebook Frame Studio

Once you are here, select “Create frame” or “Manage frames”. We will choose create frame.

Click “Open Frame Studio” found on the upper right.

facebook studio frame

Step 2. You should have been preparing a .png file (transparent background) from Photoshop or any of your favorite photo editor. Save it to your local drive.

Step 3. Click Upload Art button, select your .png file just saved or simply drag it to the Frame Studio.

Resize and position the image accordingly to fit the circle or the square boxes.

Click next when done.

facebook studio frame

Step 4. Enter a Name and Keywords for your frame, then click next. You are now ready to publish your work. On th next screen, click “Publish”.

facebook studio frame

That’s it. Your work is now available for others to use.

Add custom frame to your Facebook profile photo

On your Facebook profile photo, hover on it and select “Update”. On next screen there is “Add frame”, select that. On the frame selection dialog box, type the publisher or the keyword of the custom profile you want to add shown below.

Drag the slider accordingly to fit your photo.

Finally click “use as profile picture” button.

facebook studio frame

Additional note for publisher

You can share your custom frames to your page in which your audience can click “Try it” then boom, just one click their Facebook profile picture now have the custom frame!

Useful Plugins Applied to My Blogs

plugins used in my blogs

Who cares? Haha! To some it doesn’t mean a thing, to other some, it could be a big deal. There are even scanners for website what plugins they’re using. Well.. There are functionalities WordPress has not put to the core. The use of plugins extends those functionality that is missing but you’re needing in your site. It could be as simple as cosmetics and styling, social share to some deeper functionality like custom logins with Facebook, Twitter and/or Google.

If I can find a good free plugin that suites my site specific needs, then I will grab that and later on, on free time, I slowly coded those functionalities. Who knows developers abandon those or a new “author” may take over and it would no longer be free!

In our travel blog, Peps & Coks, since that is simple and “typical” one, it uses most plugins than in my other blogs and sites which are custom coded to some specific needs.

List of plugins used

Here are the list of plugins I used and quick overview what they are used for.

Yoast SEO – is a must plugin for SEO purposes of your site, it handles automatically most SEO background work than other SEO plugins

WP-CopyProtect – avoid right clicking to protect your content atleast from direct copy-paste

Custom Post Type Maker – my favorite, this blog have several sections and have put a separate custom post type for each and so I can use different layout and styling for each.

Advanced Custom Fields – my second favorite, together with Custom Post Type, you can add more custom fields to your WP site. You can use for layout, information display and styling. (Will have tutorials on this soon, nice feature)

Contact Form 7 – for customized contact form, which field you’d like to show plus multiple forms with different configuration each

Shortcoder – insert a snippet/content anywhere in your page or posts. Practical use is when you’d like to change a particular snippet/content, you have only the change once in the shortcoder config, then everywhere else you put the shortcoder shortcode, it will change. Making your content looks fresh atleast

Share Buttons by AddThis – interact with users through social media sharing, the one you see on left side for wider screen. This is hidden (in my case for mobile screens)

Up and Downs of Using Plugins

There are ups and downs of using a plugins. Like any other apps you probably and most of us know.. Google Play. There are similar, related apps but what is lacking in the first app can be found in the second app and vice versa. Some have premium features (which most of the cases, the one exactly you’re needing! 🙂 )

Get your future domain name today

get your domain name

With the growth of internet and businesses, according to Quora, there are thousands of newly registered domains per day world wide. That means, one of your dream or future domain name could be taken by someone if you don’t register your domain name today. Ranges could be your name for personal blogs or business name for your websites. There are also business that their business is to sell domains, simply put, they buy domains and sell it multiple folds, so when you really wanted that domain name, you have to buy it for very high price.

Having a domain name isn’t costly this time

Competitions in information technology both infrastructure and services and new key players would probably the biggest reason why owning a domain name these days is very affordable compared to early 2000. During earlier years, probably we could only name registrants like GoDaddy, BlueHost to name few, but now, there are thousands of registrants with good services as well across the globe. In the Philippines, you might want to get it from Pinoy Blog Host. This is where Peps Blogging is hosted as well.

Great reasons why have to own “your” domain name today

1. It would still be probably available – as mentioned above, thousands of newly domain names are registered per day, could be your favorite name is already owned by someone else if you don’t acquire it now.

2. Domain integrity – domains that are years online probably is more reliable than newly created ones. Google as well in search results ranks with priority these domains. (We’ll ..depends all with the content, usefulness, relevance and all those logic – content is the “king”).

Caution! Caution!

Don’t just get a domain for the sake of having one. A domain name could break or make your blog, business and brand. Thorough considerations (and research) should be made first.

You might also check out previous article on 7 good reasons of having a website for your business.

Legit Ways of Earning Money Online for Filipinos

legit ways of earning online for filipinos

We all know that monthly salary is not enough to pay bills, monthly dues (here comes judith they say 😀 ), tuition for the kids, etc.. the list is long. Most of Filipino wants to have something where they can earn extra at spare time either the motivation is to support the family or just plain buying simple wants like latest gadgets or buying that latest dress fashion trend or simply allocating a little extra for dream local or international vacation. Filipinos are skillful and these online jobs really works favorable.

Here are top online jobs where you can earn money


1. Blogging – use your blog to promote affiliate productions or even products of your own. Get PPC from Google Adsense too!

2. Web Designer or Developer – just like Peps Blogging Services (PBS). If you know html, css, java and graphics, you can earn from that skills too.

3. Graphic Designer – design logo’s, postcards, campaign media (used in marketing and social pages)

4. Content Writer – you are good at posting great captions in Facebook or Instagrams, make it a little bit longer, you might be a good content writer! If you can blog, you can be a good candidate as content writer.

5. Social Media Assistant/Manager – celebrities, politicians and the like don’t have time to managed social pages personally, they need assistants.

6. Virtual Assistant – recent study says virtual assistance are becoming more and more popular specially opted to Filipinos due to excellent English speaking and the way they collaborate with other people.

7. Data Entry and Online Typing Jobs – if you have skills and your typing speed is superb, you can data entry works from Upwork and Fiverr.

8. Teach Language Online – many educational online school emerges just teaching English online like RareJob Online.

9. Online Webinars and Course – no wonder you see lots of sponsored ads flooding in your Facebook walls. Online courses and webinars is another good source of having income online.

10. Photography – yes, if you are into photography you can sell your photographs in Shutterstock, iStock or in GettyImages. There are many other similar services out there as well.

11. Sell e-books – if you are expert on a certain topic, you can write and sell e-books for it. If you have a blog, you just can even put a summary of it’s contents into an e-book and sell in Amazon, Clickbank or even within your blog site.

There are still many online legit works available to date. Progressive countries opt to outsource not so critical part of their business online. In Asia alone, biggest contributor is Australia and many Western and European countries outsource online. This is really a millennial era.

Additional reads

Please check out what and says on other ways of earning online.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Website Builders

advantages and disadvantages of using website builders

Many companies offers free templates and web builders specially hosting companies have this as built in feature. While there are many advantages of using web builders, there’s generally downside of using it specially if you’re having a professional website for your business. Will show below advantages and disadvantages of using website builders

Let’s talk quick about Web Builders

Website builders are applications or web based applications that is used to create a website pages without any design or coding knowledge. This applications are like editors (as you would with Powerpoint text / image blocks) and necessary tools that can be dragged and dropped elements such as headers, paragraphs, images, videos, buttons, tables, boxes, drawings, forms etc.


No coding skills required – even if you don’t know the basic html, you just can build a site.

No design skills required – with drag and drop and place your text or images at the space you want, the builder will generate the code for you.

Cheap (if not free) – the best part of using a web builder is it’s cheaper than hiring a web designer or developer. Most of the builders are free too which is built-in with your hosting package.

Fast to build – With drag and drop and go, most web builders have built-in “publish” feature that you can put your page over the internet with just a click of a button. No knowledge of html, css, php and etc files or ftp and similar protocols required.


Not suitable for professional business – in our previous article “Reasons why you need a website”, your site represents about you, your company and your business. Design it the way it speak for you in professional way.

Lacking custom designs – most of the builders uses templates where you just replace the texts and the images. Many sites over the internet looks very similar to yours. Modern web builders though uses block techniques where you are able to place eg. texts or images anywhere you want.

Slow loading time – most website builders loads slow, this is due to bloat and overhead codes not necessary for your web page. It is using “generic” output codes from the builder, the longer lines of codes, the slower it is processed and displayed.

POOR SEO – Web builders really don’t have SEO. If it does, it is promoting “their web builders” or “their brands” specially if it is free web builders.

Limited features – you are limited only to what items available in the drag drop elements. If there are nice features, which likely you would want, it is on premium – which basically, you have to subscribe of pay in addition.

If you have a choice

Probably the main reason why people opt for Web Builders is that, it can be self taught and low to no cost at all. That’s probably before you’ve heard about Peps Blogging Services! Extremely low in the market. The reason behind is simple, because, this is a past time and at same time, help small businesses to get into the world wide web. For bigger projects, nah, leave it to companies. 🙂


The Under Rated W3 CSS and JS

under rated w3 css and js

The most familiar and widely adapted CSS or JS frameworks we’ve known perhaps is the twitter Bootstrap and CSS3 and in the Java Script framework world is the jQuery (and so much with the high end and powerful ones like Angular, Node, React, etc) but we have not much known about the W3 CSS and JS.

While exploring new technologies, I’ve come across the W3. It is fascinating find though W3 is not powerful as the jQuery, Angular, Node, React, etc but it does all the jobs that we wanted in our website and blogs.

Previously, I write code from scratch for example the slideshows using javascript but viola! W3 JS simplified the work and is all that is needed to keep the job done in minutes!

Adapting W3

W3 is a standard, so adapting it and implementing it to my clients websites and blogs. The best part, it’s totally free, no license is necessary. No overhead cost passed on to the clients!

How to use it?

Is pretty easy! Like any other frameworks, you can download it to your project or you can use the distributed network just line of code in your html or php file.

Get the W3 CSS here and the W3 JS here

Or include this in your file:


<link rel="stylesheet" href="">


<script src=""></script>

Tutorial and documentation site

In our previous blog about favorite coding reference sites, we’ve mentioned w3 school, indeed, W3 references is housed in this W3School site. It has very good and well organized navigation. Learning is really a breeze!


Favorite wordpress plugins used across my blogs

favorite wordpress plugins

Most of times I do the coding behind the scene, however there are quick needs that you wan’t those existing and ready to plug feature in your site fast so you don’t need to develop code from the ground which takes time. So plugins is handy on this case. One downside of plugins though is that, most of them have bloats in the code, specially those that are free. It’s not generally for all though, there are free plugins that is made with love. ❤️

Here are my favorite WordPress plugins and it’s usage


Yoast SEO

Yoast is good SEO plugin. You don’t have to put most inputs, Yoast do the most SEO tasks for you. So focus on your content.

WP Copy Protect

We’ll everything on the net can be copied but atleast with WP Copy Protect, right click can be disabled and copy-paste is prohibited action.

Jetpack (by WordPress)

If you wan’t most feature of WordPress available right straight to your blog, you may wan’t to install Jetpack plugin. It’s has lots of useful and powerful widgets available once enabled.

TinyMCE Advanced

This is for easy access to formatting like you do in Microsoft Word (Office), quick styling of fonts, size, color, etc. This is very handy so you don’t have to manually enter formatting tags as you type your content inside WordPress.

(Quick tip: I would also check the texts for unwanted html tags in the “Text” tab view instead of “Visual”)

Contact Form 7

Contact forms or forms in general is a little bit tricky, with Contact Form 7, you can do simple to advance forms. Though some advance features are in the paid version.

Custom Post Type Maker

If you don’t want to limit to default post tags and post categories, you can make additional post types by using this plugin. This is a little advance though because you have to tweak something in the code but this is also a powerful feature of WordPress

Advanced Custom Fields

Another powerful plugin used across my blogs is the Advance Custom Fields plugin. You can do a lot more thing like that of a full grown “database” for your posts (or with custom posts) in your blog. You can add more fields however you want it, filled and used. What’s more, ACF offers easier retrieval code for you to display wherever in your webpages. This is also a bit advance, will make a tutorial of simple usage on these two, together with Custom Post.


There are several plugins out there. Choose what best works for your needs but if have time to code it, just code it as possible so you won’t have the bloats.

Stylish font for your blog images and texts

stylish font for your blog images

If you want to style texts  like the titles, captions or texts inside images easy as 1-2-3 and really amazing, you can do it fast via Flaming Text. This is an online text designs (actually a logo design) and you can download right away finished designs which you can add later on to your image editor softwares, it even works with Microsoft Powerpoint. I personally used this in my blogs, so sharing you this tip.

1. Flaming Text site

Goto Flaming Text.  On the first screen enter some text then click “Get Started”. Flaming text has self self explanatory step by step navigation. All you have to do is, when your done in that tab, just click next, next and so on. There is also a  back button if you want to change something in previous steps.

Stylish font for your blog

2. Make it transparent

The next important thing I would like to emphasize is to make the background transparent. You can do lot of things with transparent background like overlaps and overlays. In the “Background” tab, change the type to “Transparent”.

Stylish font for your blog

3. Amazing result in minutes

Here is the simple result with what you can do with styling the font and add it to your images.

Stylish font for your blog

There are many other similar online and offline apps like Flaming Text, just that, this one is a favorite, simple interface and easy to use with amazing final result.