My favorite coding reference sites

My favorite coding reference sites

Some years ago, we buy books, read chapter by chapter and apply the skills learned. Go back and review from time to time. Well, the game is changing. Almost everything is online. There are great free sites for coding references, there are even code repository like github!

These are my top favorites


W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Learning is easy with their code snippets. Simple and presented with concise explanation. There is even “Try it yourself” so you can see the code in action!

Color Hex Color

Pick your favorite color, blend with their suggested shadows and variants. Copy it then paste to your CSS (cascading style sheets). That’s how easy it is.


The fastest you could ever develop a web is through bootstrap. It has a simple designs though but very sleek and professional looking. This is my base for all my developments. Either purely design or a database behind the scene.


Get that sleek icons? It’s not the typical image which takes a loading time. This graphics are just awesome!

WordPress Developer

Nice and comprehensive latest documentation of core codes, API’s and samples which you can experiment to see the effects and apply the code to suit the need of your development.

WP Beginner

Everything you need for WordPress, tips and tricks with lengthy explanation, nothing beats WP Beginner. Even if you’re a novice programmer, you may want the explanation from WP Beginner.


My personal favorite lightweight PHP framework for rapid development and deployment. Do data driven web apps in few days, CodeIgniter rocks!


7 Reasons why you need a website for your business

reasons why you need a website

Having a website is not only for big companies but also for small businesses. Even startup put website first before doing the actual products or service offerings into the market. There are many reasons why it is a good idea to have website for your business. Here are the 7 top reasons:

Establish your brand

It’s your name, it’s your logo, it’s your brand.


Owned domain names are more credible than those hosted as subdomains. Build trust by letting your website speak for you.

Show up more

You have to be there when your potential customer searches for you, not only via your official social media sites but having a domain named after your brand.

More Efficient

Having a website and posting basic inquiry like an FAQ section, costs, offerings, etc. will end up saving you and your customer support team time and money.

Attract more investors

The goal is to let prospective clients find you, know who you are, and see what kind of business you do. With these details present, your website site will act as a filter – undesirable leads will drop off and valuable ones will stick around. Attract customers you actually want to work with.

Grow your business

Even if you have official social media pages, your website gives you a competitive edge by acting as a major platform to showcase your company personality and positioning. Your website will grow your business by letting your audience know what differentiates you from the competition and why they should choose you instead.

It’s not hard to have a website

Having a website is not hard or expensive as you think for a small to medium scale businesses. There are several talents out there waiting to be tapped.


If you need a simple blog or website, please check out my services here at Peps Blogging. Be glad to work with you on your web building needs.